In my research I am concerned with both substantive and methodological problems: My substantive interests mainly revolve around questions from Sociology of Education, Discrimination, and Stereotypes and Prejudice. In particular, I am interested in educational inequality between different groups of students and teachers’ stereotypes, prejudices, and discriminatory behavior towards students of different socioeconomic and ethnic background as well as different gender. 

Methodologically, areas I am working on include Causal Inference, Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs), Quantile Regression, Experimental Designs, Survey Methodology, and Monte Carlo Simulations. I work on questions of how to conceptualize, identify, and estimate discrimination with different designs using DAGs. In my research on Quantile Regression, I investigate the potentials and limitations of both conditional and unconditional quantile regression estimators for sociological and other social science research.  


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An open access preprint and supplementary material including a replication package for Wenz & Hoenig (2020) is available at

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An open access preprint and a replication package for Wenz (2019) is available at

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